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'True Blood' finale: Stakes are higher than ever


Worth a read. The most interesting quote? 

"True Blood" began with a love story, and the question still lingers: Who will our heroine, Sookie Stackhouse, end up with? First there was Bill Compton, Sookie’s primary love interest. They broke up occasionally, but Sookie always found her way back to him. (Possibly because actors Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are married in real life.) 

The cat’s out of the bag! Even the reviewers have started to figure out that Paquin and Moyers’ marriage affected the show. This is the second review I’ve read this week that pointed this out.

After the finale, I bet there will be a lot more fingerpointing their way. Anna and Stephen were smart to head out for a long vacation to distant Asian countries. It’s a good way to escape awkward media scrutiny. You can’t answer many questions from a beach in Singapore. Not many journalists would bother to track you down there, either. Well played (in the short term). I wonder how long the stink of the ending will cling to their future careers, though? 

Stephen and Anna leaving the country because of that? Come on…


Ian McKellen ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

"I accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from George Takei and Luke Evans, and I challenge Laura Linney, Derek Jacobi and Anthony Hopkins! You Tube video here




James Marsden was our first grown-up screen crush. He’s a tough one to beat! Who was yours? #FirstLoveFriday


James Marsden was our first grown-up screen crush. He’s a tough one to beat! Who was yours? #FirstLoveFriday

True Blood — how I’m going to be about the finale….

10 minutes before it’s on: 

While it’s on: 

After it’s over: 

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I’m sad that my favorite show is going to be gone. It is by far my favorite cast and I am going to miss seeing them every year :(