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X-men in blue (Requested by avengingxmen)

I see so much of Alex’s acting style in him with this scene.

On Sam Merlotte And Why It Makes Sense to Him Loving Bom Temps


Many,Many True Blood fans chewed out Sam on the Last episode,Because when his wife Nicole wanted to leave Bom Temps,he adamantly said No. Because in His own words,Bon Temps is the only place he felt “safe”. And the Fandom was Like,”whaaat? Sam you were almost killed in this town”
But people are…

You know, I think Sam wants to be there because it’s the first place that actually accepted him and made him feel like he had a home. His life in the past was obviously very hectic and people made him feel like he was a freak, so when he came there, he made a family. A family of friends. It was the one time in his life that he had that he could call his own, you know? I think that’s why it makes sense to me that Sam wouldn’t want to leave. To me, it’s safe because it is the first place that has ever felt like home, you know? 

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YOU'VE HUGGED HUGH?!! Oh my gosh how was it? Did he smell great? How did he hug I'm sorry that's amazing that you got to hug him, and meet him! I really love Hugh forgive me lol

lol, it was wonderful. I’m not quite sure my life can get better than that one single moment lol. I did not smell him while he was hugging me. I know that sounds weird because I’ve gotten this question a ton. Even from the people that were there that night lol and uh, IDK. He just got done with his One man show, so he was a little sweaty lol. 

I guess my suggestion to anyone is, if you meet Hugh, ask him for a hug. He is by far the sweetest man alive and you are most likely going to get that hug! 


Hi I love ur blog and I'm over excited about the fact that someone has the same favourites as me!! Can I ask when and how u were blessed with the chance to meet and hug high jackman? ???

There are way too many times to go through that I’ve met Hugh and I don’t want to write like an hour long story that people have to read lol. When I got to hug him, it was when he was doing his one man show in Toronto. I tried stage dooring the night before and I was able to get his autograph in which I told him thank you and he told me “My you have such manners….” hence why my tumblr quote is that, but it was really like only 10 seconds. So we went the next night after we saw the show live, really close to the door and he kind of had a hard night b/c a few things went wrong so he was kind of bummed I think. Someone was teasing him about it outside and I said even if he was playing around, the show was still awesome and he came over to talk to me and my sister for quite some time. At the end of it, I dk I got brave and asked him if I could have a hug and he said of course. Capped his sharpie, pulled me close and gave me a super big hug. Of course I was gushing, of course I’m sounding pathetic right now, but hell..I was cheek to cheek with Hugh Jackman and right after that he left. 

What was even better about it was back then, I thought it was the only chance I would get to even see Hugh Jackman live and told my mom it was my dream to see him live. She told me my dreams were stupid, so of course after he hugged me I had to call my mom and be like…see mom, my dreams aren’t stupid. 

So yeah, long explanation that could have totally been cut short because now I just probably sound ridiculous lol. 

Here…for a bonus…


This was him obviously standing right in front of me while he’s signing my playbill. Two things I learned that night…I’m really tall, but he’s fucking huge. I’m 5’11 and he freaking towered over me. Which for me is quite rare, so it was like damn lol. Second thing, a lot of people I don’t think realize, Hugh has hazel eyes, but like in person they are mainly green with a dabble of brown in them, but his eyes are super beautiful. So yeah, there is my rambling about getting my first hug lol.

AH! This is like my favorite picture of him lol. 

AH! This is like my favorite picture of him lol. 

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That really awkward moment when Rogue using her powers in X-men looks a whole lot like the Hep V Sookie gave Bill in True Blood…